Jharkhand State Information & Communication Network (JharNet) is the state-of-the-art communication network built exclusively for the use of the Government of Jharkhand for its various departmental and field offices.

It has revolutionized functioning of Government of Jharkhand by providing easier and faster intra communication. JharNet is a transport network on which the user Departments has build their exclusive Intranets. JharNet caters to internet requirements of Govt. Departments/Offices as well.

Data, Voice (IP Phone) and Video (Video-Conferencing) services is provided till District headquarter (HQ) whereas Data & Voice (IP Phone) is available till Sub-Divisional and Block headquarters.

JharNet Connects State HQs with :

☞ 24 District HQs

☞ 37 Sub Divisional HQs

☞ 214 Block HQs

Benefits :

This network provides connectivity to approx. 1700 offices across the State. There are approx. 3000 IP Phone and 5300 Data users in JharNet including all level.

☞ IP Phone:

☞ Call Transfer.

☞ Conference.

☞ Noise free Voice Quality

SWAN Version 2 (JharNet 2.0)

SWAN Version 2 (JharNet 2.0) has been conceptualized which will be based on MPLS (Multi Protocol Level Switching) technology with a target to build an advanced SWAN.Jharkhand is the First State in the country to have SWAN under NeGP