It is one of the key components of Digital Jharkhand Land Records Modernization program. The objective of Modern Record Room project is to modernize Land Record rooms and provide services to citizen in efficient manner leading to better, improved and faster service delivery. Key objectives of this project are as follows :

☞ A storage area with Compactors/storage devicesfor physicalstorage of records of all typesincluding maps also an operational area for computers/networking hardware, printers etc.

☞ A citizen service delivery area along with a waiting room for citizens who wish to procure old documents from the modern record room.

☞ Apart from the above mentioned aspects towards physical improvement of record room, this component also comprises of scanning old textual records along with a Document Management System to view, retrieve and print the scanned records for citizen delivery.

Benifits :

☞ Helps to preserve the precious land records for the long time.

☞ Prevent manipulations of documents.

☞ Easy access of electronic documents.

☞ Enhanced MIS, Dashboard and DMS (Document Management System).