JAPIT is State Implementing Agency for skill development in ESDM sector, a scheme sponsored by Dept. of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. of India. TSSC (Telecom Skill Sector Coucil), ESSCI (Electronic Skill Sector Council of India) and NIELIT (National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology) are three Key Implementing Agencies whose training partners provide training to students/unemployed youth in Electronic System Design Manufacturing (ESDM) sector. It is being monitored through a portal under the purview of ESDM-PMU run by NIELIT. As a State Implementing Agency, JAPIT monitors the project in the state of Jharkhand a key role of JAPIT includes liaising with KIAs, TPs and Industries and organise workshop/seminars for different stakeholders. Under this scheme, 29 courses of ESSCI, 27 courses of TSSC and 29 courses of NIELIT are covered. Up to 27th May 2016, 5634 candidates have been enrolled for training under this scheme in the state of Jharkhand. In 5 years starting from 2015-16, 18000 candidates are targeted to be trained under this scheme in state of Jharkhand.

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