Jharkhand Integrated Mines and Minerals Management System (JIMMS) is end to end monitoring system of Mines and Mineral movement from one end to another. It gives a tremendous strength to the district administration/department to regulate the minerals activities. Services of JiMMS are being delivered since March, 2016.

Transaction Details

Total No. of Registered dealers (till 27.07.2016) 2673
Total No. of Registered lessees (till 27.07.2016) 3264
Royalty collected till 25.07.2016 (for iron ore only) Rs. 41,37,72,263.00
Royalty collected in month of June, 2016 (for iron ore only) Rs. 19,56,66,565.00

JIIMS Features :

☞ Online collection of taxes/revenue.

☞ Automation of all mineral carrying activity.

☞ Online application and issue of e-Permit & e-challan.

☞ Flow of information to weighbridge and check gate operator.

☞ Single portal for all stakeholders.

☞ Real-time record of production and dispatch on daily basis.

☞ MIS and report generation

Benefits :

Department of Mines and Geology

☞ Transparency in Issue of Transit Permit & Transit Pass.

☞ Tracking of mineral movement & Transit Permit Usage.

☞ Different types of Intelligent MIS report generation.

☞ Fast decision making.

Lessee & Buyers

☞ Online Request for Transit Permit & Transit Pass.

☞ Time & Cost effective.

☞ User Transparency.