SWAN (State Wide Area Network)

Jharkhand State Information & Communication Network (JharNet) is the state-of-the-art communication network built exclusively for the use of the Government of Jharkhand and its various departments. It has been revolutionized the way Government functions by providing easier, faster and transparent governance. It has been improving Government-Citizen and Government-Business interaction by providing easier accessibility of various Departmental Services to Citizens and Business. JharNet is a transport network on which the user Departments has builds their exclusive Intranets. It has been the information superhighway for Jharkhand. It is a communication network built to carry Multi Services - Data, Voice and Video. about

Some of the key points about JharNet
  • One of the major Pillar of e-Governance, all DHQ, SDHQ, BHQ has been covered under JharNet. JharNet operational with all District, 37 Sub- Division and 212 Block of Jharkhand. This provides connectivity to approx. 1650 offices across the State.
  • JharNet has provided Video Conference Facility in between state head-quarter and all 24 districts of Jharkhand.
  • The Bandwidth of lease line between State Headquarter and District/Sub-division Headquarter is 8 Mbps whereas the Block Headquarter and Horizontal offices are connected with 2 Mbps lease line.
  • JharNet has a Network of approx. 3000 IP Telephone throughout the State, which provides COST FREE, NOISE FREE voice communication facility among the different Government offices. Beside the IP Phone there are 5300 Data connections which provides intranet and internet access.
  • JharNet is a broadband IP based e-Governance Network which provides a secure platform to transfer data across the State which has enabled different government Departments to get computerized and cater ONLINE Services. Treasury, Commercial Tax, Registration of Properties, Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance and File Tracker etc are fully computerized and many more are under progress.
  • On the JharNet network there is a provision of Video Conferencing facility between all JAIL and Court which help to present the prisoner in front of the Magistrate through Video- Conferencing. This facility tremendously reduces the security risk, ease the process, make the system faster and apparently save lots of government revenue.
  • JharNet has integrated with NICNet which is helpful in providing faster access to many applications hosted at NIC Data centre, New Delhi. District level integration is under progress.
  • There is provision of Mobile VSAT (OB Van) under JharNet to provide service at odd location as per the requirement.