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Rajesh Ranjan Sinha
Rajesh Ranjan Sinha

Having more than 12 years of total experience in IT Sector and more than 8 years of experience with JAP-IT, Ranchi. Having different flavor of experience starts with corporate than performs duties in Gov. of India currently working with Gov. of Jharkhand. Handling different projects as a Project In-charge at JAP-IT which is as under (Category wises)-

A. Infrastructure Project

            1. JAP-IT Data Center

            2. Secretariat LAN

B. Mission Mode Projects

            1. Automation of commercial Taxes

C. Software Services Projects

            .File Tracker

            2. e-Nibandhan

            3. Plan Monitoring System Application

            4. Recruitment Portal

            5. CM Dashboard

D. Miscellaneous Projects

            1. Digitization of legacy Data

            2. Jharkhand State Information Commission

            3. JAP-IT Portal

E. Other Activities

            1. Involved in middle level management of JAP-IT.

            2. Project implementation and monitoring.

            3. Coordinating with different stake holders in respective projects.

            4. Preparation of documents like technical proposal, NIT, EoI, DPR, RFP etc.

            5. Involved in vetting of technical documents RFP and other concerned documents.

            6. Technical vetting of website and related solution hosted JAP-IT Data Center.

            7. Field level verification work in different project.

Qualification & Certification

BCA, MCA and MBA(Finance and HR) with CCNA, CCNSA, CCNSE, other e-Governance & management certificates

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Cell No:- 9431370483

IP No:- 11338

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