Governement of Jharkhand envisaged integrated e--Vidhan project to develop integrated next generation IT platform to enhance productivity and streamlining internal processes associated with service delivery to end-users and Vidhan Sabha Members.

This Vidhan Sabha automation solution is designed to simplify Vidhan Sabha Members work by integrating a session management platform with a vote automation system which will allow the members to automate the preparation and reviewing if the daily angenda the debates ad the voting process during ordinary sessions. With the aim of facilitating interaction and workflows will are equipped with touch screen Kiosk/ Tablet/Computers that allow to vote, view documents related to the agenda and request permission to speak.


  • Improving the internal operational processes
  • Articulating the Data Artitecture that meets the storage, archival retention, maintenance and exchange of data across multiple systems.
  • Auto compilation of reports and queries
  • Removing redundant processes
  • Induction of transparency and accountability in operations
  • Electronic Security and control of confidential data
  • Dissemination of information as per requirement
  • MIS for east monitoring and quick decision making
  • Improving efficiency in working
  • Improving decision making in view of better reporting mechanisms.
  • Significant reduction in manual recordsregister maintenance
  • Reducing the dependency.
  • Supporting the organization in meeting its business and legal requirements
  • Ensuring better inplementation of Schemes by the Government
  • Using less paper to save trees and implement green practices.(Go Green)