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Sl. No. Name Designation
1. Chief Minister, Jharkhand Chairman
2. Minister, Dept. of Information Technology, GoJ Vice Chairman
3. Chief Secretary, Govt. of Jharkhand Member
4. Development Commissioner, Govt. of Jharkhand Member
5. Secretary, Dept. of Information Technology, GoJ Member
6. Secretary, Dept. of Finance, GoJ Member
7. Secretary, Dept. of Industries, GoJ Member
8. Director/Joint Secretary, Dept. of Information Technology, GoJ Member
9. Chief Executive Officer, JAP-IT Member – Secretary
10. Three nominated representative Member(s)
Till date 07 Board of Director’s meeting has been scheduled.


Sl. No. Role
1. To provide IT infrastructure
2. To implement NeGP, MMPs, SeGP etc
3. To simplify the manual process
4. To provide web based solutions
5. To provide technical support to state department/agency
6. To encourage departmental computerization
7. To digitize legacy data


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